Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Seo project management- The seo people guide to online.. SEO.

Seo project management- The seo people guide to online.. SEO.

Search engine optimization what is it? Bascally to out it simply you try to get to the top of search engines by optimizing things that will credit your website postivily. These factors that help to credit your website and give you better chances to get ontop of google are quite simple. On page making your website more seo friendly by means of making website structure easy to us for users.. No spam un unique content, fast page loading times, non spam ip address used. natural keyword density of keyword you want to rank for.. Relevant information and header and html tags... alt text for images and not to many spammy irrealvant links on webpage.. and site. Off page seo is building a strong infrastucutre of unique and creddible links to your website. Linking websites should have good on page seo<<< anchor text must vary, relvant links poiting to your website.. website you link to you must be creddible.. not penalized. When managing a seo project you must make sure that you main website which you want to rank for takes main priority..off page seo is second priority to this.

 This is just a quick started guide to seo!

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